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Welcome to the Action For Cyprus news and resource page.

We aim to give you the background information you will not get from the  Mainstream Media.

If this is your first Visit may we suggest that you read the About Us page and also the Cyprus Problem.

If you’ve read anything about the “Cyprus problem” the chances are you believe that Greek and Greek Cypriots hate all Turks or Turkish Cypriots. That is so far from the truth – in the UK, Greek and Turkish Cypriots  work together without animosity. Yes we have hotheads in each community who tar everybody with the same brush., but the truth is that Turkish & Greek Cypriots lived together like brothers for  hundreds of years staying in each others houses, children going to the same schools – they were Cypriots first and foremost.

Both sides are to blame to a certain extent – certain Greeks wanting Enosis (Ένωσις – Union) with Greece and Turkey and other parties using that as a way to create a divide and conquer situation – which had been in place during Lyndon P. Johnsons government in the sixties.  This is not about “conspiracies” per se and yet it is a conspiracy backed by facts – not Just theory. There is speculation on certain fronts but many of the facts have come out over the years from redacted papers from Whitehall, the CIA and the US State Department and in fact from the mouths of some of the “players! ….
The tinderbox was set alight after the two communities were resolving their differences – see here.

Please read this quote  from Hermann Goering. It summarises everything we all know to be true – it’s not the people!!!

The event that pushed all the good that had been done was admitted to on the BBC Panorama program by Rauf Denktash – see video below :-

AT 1:30 Rauf Denktash admits “A friend of mine who’s name will still be kept secret planted this little bomb …..” –  This is the same Modus Operandi that is used in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan –  As George Santayana said  “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” 

AFC is not about hating Turks or the Turkish people , it’s about uniting the Island and the people.

People just want to get on with their lives – Arab, Greek, Turk, African – It is never the ordinary people who want wars  see this quote from Hermann Goering.

We need to come together as brothers rather than being divided and conquered by others.

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