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Cyprus mourns the loss of Minister, Tasos Mitsopoulos


Tassos Mitsopoulos

Tasos Mitsopoulos

Cyprus mourns the loss of Minister, Tasos Mitsopoulos (τάσος μητσόπουλος) , the ex Communications Minister of Cyprus, and newly appointed Minister of Defence, who died on Saturday 22 March 2014 at 1.30pm Cyprus time.

Tributes have been pouring in from everywhere in Cyprus,  and from all corners of the world. Cyprus lost an exceptional man, and an exceptional politician of high moral standards.  He was born in May 1965 and was married to Katerina with two children, Hara and Aris.  He was born in Larnaca , his  father was from Volos in Greece and his  mother from the Mouskos family in Aradippou the Municipality adjacent to Larnaca .

Action for Cyprus shares the loss of a great politician who brought great attributes to the political scene in Cyprus. A very honest and responsible politician who was driven by ethics and high standards, and who first and foremost had as his top priority the  interests of his country and it’s people.
He believed in and promoted fair play and equal opportunities, and was against the nepotism and corruption that seems to be a part of the political scene more and more.  His unforeseen departure at a  such a very young age leaves Cyprus much poorer politically and he will  be sorely missed.
We, at Action For Cyprus express our sincere condolences to his family, his loved ones and to all  Cypriots for their loss.

Tassos was found unconscious in his office by his secretary, doctors later confirmed that he had suffered a  heart attack  caused by the a brain haemorrhage. His secretary had been concerned when he did not answer her calls to his office and mobile phone. He had met with the Greek ambassador Vassilis Papaioannou on the Friday morning – and was running late for another scheduled appointment.  He was rushed to  hospital and despite  strenuous efforts of specialist doctors from Cyprus, Greece and Israel he lost his fight for life, reports suggest he had 2 more heart attacks while having emergency brain surgery.

The  Council of Ministers declared  three days mourning during which  flags on public buildings will fly at half mast and  all ministerial business was cancelled for the day.

President Anastasiades flew back from Brussels on Friday to visit his minister –  a  close friend, and in a sombre mood said “only prayers can help Tassos”. News of his death prompted a wave of tributes on social media with ordinary people extolling his ethos and integrity.

He was loved by our community in the Midlands where he paid a couple of visits, the latest one being back in January.  He was loved by everybody and his death will leave a big gap in the political world of Cyprus.

Tasos Mitsopoulos had served his party as a parliamentary spokesman, his country as a Government spokesman, and as an MP and  Minister in the present Government.



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