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Cyprus History

Christopher Hitchens On Cyprus

We are all prisoners of knowledge. To know how Cyprus was betrayed, and to have studied the record of that betrayal, is to make oneself unhappy and to spoil, perhaps for ever, one’s pleasure for visiting one of the world’s most enchanting islands. Nothing will ever restore the looted treasures, the bereaved families, the plundered villages, the groves and hillsides ... Read More »

The ‘Desecration’ of Cyprus

Brian Coleman on Northern Cyprus, the treatment of Orthodox churches. The deaths of a couple of dozen Turkish troops in operations against the Kurds and the vote by the Turkish Parliament to in effect invade Northern Iraq to pursue operations against the Kurdish people has focused world attention on a conflict which the modern state of Turkey has pursued for ... Read More »


Welcome to the Action For Cyprus news and resource page. We aim to give you the background information you will not get from the ¬†Mainstream Media. If this is your first Visit may we suggest that you read the About Us page and also the Cyprus Problem. If you’ve read anything about the “Cyprus¬†problem” the chances are you believe that ... Read More »