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No conspiracies? – Operation Gladio!!

Considering more people are in Jail on conspiracy charges than any other charge – the only place we don’t get any conspiracies is in the Political, Corporate and Banking areas – it must be true it’s on the TV.

This Video shows that TPTB (The powers that be) will not pull back from killing innocent people to get the outcome they desire. Here is the story of Gladio (the name used in the Italian Branch) the stay behind army/sleeper cells that were created by the CIA and MI6 after the second world war.

The Turkish branch of Gladio Counter-Guerrilla formed the TMT Turkish Resistance Organisation in Cyprus in 1958 and manned it with Turkish officers. The 1960 constitution of the republic of Cyprus only had provision for a very small professional army of a few hundred men from both Cypriot communities. Following the 1963–64 clashes that led to the collapse of the power sharing between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, the National Guard was created as a conscription Greek cypriot army. The officers for the National Guard where almost exclusively Greek nationals, officers of the Greek Army. LOK units were created in Cyprus modelled on the Greek LOK units, though Cyprus never joined NATO and was at the time a member of the Non-Aligned Movement. …… wikipedia

The idea was that if the Russians ever invaded the parts of Europe  that were not  given to Stalin as the spoils of war,  they would have organized resistance as opposed to the ad hoc resistance movements that  fought the Nazi occupying forces during the second world war.

What actually happened was that these cells were active and activated in all 14 Nato countries (and the 4 neutral countries of Switzerland, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands) and yes CYPRUS.

Why is this brought up? Because the politicians we see who are (mostly) sincere about solving the problem are tools of what has been called “the deep state” – Intelligence Agencies controlled by Corporations and  other Global entities are the real rulers. This is not “Conspiracy Theory” and Gladio is not the worst that the deep state has done. Follow the money (and power) – Cui – Bono (to whose benefit).

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