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Letter to The new leader of the Turkish Cypriot Community

This is a letter that Kyriacos Akathiotis, the President of Action For Cyprus recently sent to the new Turkish Cypriot leader. AFC has had acknowledgement of receipt and will be publishing the full reply when we recieve it.

7 May 2015

Mr Mustafa Akinci

The new leader of the Turkish Cypriot Community

Dear Mr Akinci

We are a UK based non-party political action group, with UK Cypriot members, campaigning for the re-unification of Cyprus and the implementation of UN Resolutions and basic human rights to all Cypriots, regardless of religion or ethnicity.

The peace loving people of Cyprus from both communities and the whole world rejoice with your victory in the recent elections. The Turkish Cypriots have spoken and have given you a clear mandate: “The present status quo is totally unacceptable and cannot be allowed to continue.”

People on both sides of the dividing line are now looking to you as their only hope to get Cyprus and its people back together, side by side, as they have lived and prospered together for many centuries before.

You must focus on your goal to achieve a just and lasting solution to the Cyprus problem and rest assured, the people of Cyprus are all behind you. Those powers that do not want Cyprus to be reunited will try and stop you and make your job difficult. Do not give up though. You owe it to Cyprus and its future generations.

Let’s work together to reunite and rebuild Cyprus into a modern federal, democratic and independent state, with no foreign troops, a full member of the European Union where every Cypriot regardless of religion or ethnicity enjoys all human rights that other people in the European Union enjoy.

Let’s start trusting each other and let’s start with opening up the fenced part of Famagusta. Let the original owners of the town move back into it. Forty one years has been too long to allow the town to be infested with snakes and vermin. Let’s open the once thriving port of Famagusta to serve the people of Famagusta, creating many jobs for members of both communities.

The whole world is watching you and expecting you to honour your pre election commitments.

We look forward to a quick and just solution for both communities and a Free and United Cyprus!

We congratulate you and wish you every success in your struggle!

K Akathiotis


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