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What did Henry say about The Greeks in 1974

Henry Kissinger quote about the Greeks – IN Greek in the video and here in English.

The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

(As reported in the popular Greek magazine, Oikonomikos Tachydromos on 14 Aug. l997, Henry Kissinger, while addressing a group of Washington, D.C. businessmen in Sept.1974)

But for those to whom these arguments do not persuade we offer the following: Father Yiorgos Mettalinos was one of the guests on…TV program Me Apopsi (Μέ ΄Αποψι) which aired on the 30th of June ’03. Father Mettalinos is one of the most widely respected individuals in Greece, right up there with Archbishop Christodoulos. He also happens to be a professor of Ecclesiastical History at Athens University (he holds five university degrees, including two doctorates). A man beloved and admired by even those who may disagree with him, his words are not ever taken lightly nor are they uttered frivolously. When Father Mettalinos speaks, most Greeks pay attention. And you can be sure that one of our staff members was paying enough attention to turn on the video recorder when Father Yiorgos mentioned Kissinger during the discussion. Here he is in his own words:

I was studying in Germany when Kissinger made this speech. It
was in 1974, and I was listening to the late Pavlo Bakoyianni’s Greek
program out of Munich. The speech was in the English language with
a Greek overvoice translation. I know English and can tell you with
absolute certainty that he made those comments because I heard him
make them.




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